koe & kalf

Welcome to our farm, a historic farmstead with some 10 hectares of farmland, and Brussels just around the corner. Het Neerhof is a land-based organic farm. “Land-based” means that we grow our own food for our animals ( corn, beets, cereals, gras...). Besides this we grow during the whole year more than 30 kinds of vegetables (salat, cabbage, leek, carrots, tomatoes...) which you can harvest yourself or buy in the farm shop. At the farm you will find: cows, horses, a donkey, sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and bees.

At the farmshop you can purchase organic and seasonal products. The playfield invites to run, to roll over, to throw,... and any game you can imagine. At the entrance you will find a small playground with a few toys.
You can have a drink in the cafetaria from 2 till 5pm. On Sundays you can taste our delicious homemade pancakes.

Some activities:

. Christmas tree burning: 10 JANUARI
. Experience day: 20th of JANUARI, 3th of FEBRUARI, 26th of MAI, 27th of OCTOBER & the 15th of DECEMBER
. Take a soup: 28th of JANUARI,& the 4th of MARCH
. ‘Creative’ farm: 17TH OF JANUARI, 7th of FEBRUARI, 7th of MARCH, 2th of MAY, 6th of JUNE, 5th of SEPTEMBER, 3th of OCTOBER, 7th of NOVEMBER & the 6th of DECEMBER
. 18th of APRIL: Outdoor play day.

! For some activities you'll have to register. Jou will find the form on the pages in Dutch.
( We don't have any in English because alle activities are given exclusively in Dutch).